Dr. Tom plays his Goebbels card. Can Neidermeyer be far behind?


Congratulations to my Facebook friend Rob Y, who accurately “called” the screen shot above last week. It began on Wednesday, July 24, when I noted the following on FB:

At roughly 2:00 p.m. today, a truck marked “Floyd County Health Department” stopped on Bank Street in front of Bank Street Brewhouse. The passenger got out and took a picture of the truck, with BSB in the background, then got back inside, and the truck drove off. What does it mean?

Rob replied:

I believe you’ll see that photo again, as ‘evidence’ of having been onsite for some reason or another.

Bearing in mind that Dr. Tom “Dean Wormer” Harris’s photo op was conceived before Otter and me made him aware of Fort Wayne v Kotsopoulos, it would seem that he’s fully capable of juvenile (as opposed to Juvenalia) behavior, too.

Welcome to Delta House, Tom.