Blues singing as “popular Jeffersonville festival under financial scrutiny.”


Tough one, indeed. The crux of it is that admission fees probably wouldn’t be received well at an event, the gist of which is to watch others make food and not be able to eat any of it yourself.

Popular Jeffersonville festival under financial scrutiny; Officials looking to minimize costs for blues and barbecue event, by Braden Lammers (N and T)

JEFFERSONVILLE — If a funding gap cannot be covered, one of Jeffersonville’s more popular events might be in jeopardy.

The numbers are in for this year’s Smokin’ on the River BBQ, Blues and Brews festival, and they don’t look good for the city. According to Sara Schutz, director of special events and RiverStage for Jeffersonville’s Parks Department, the festival cost the city $33,985. Combined with last year’s event, the city has lost more than $68,000 the past two years.