Venues temporary and permanent: Bicentennial Park musical show tonight.


Tonight I’ll be attending the annual family reunion. This year it’s being held up the road in Madison, Indiana.

If you’ve ever attended one of Madison’s large and well-organized civic events (RiverRoots, Ribberfest, etc), you’ve seen the city’s handy fold-out portable stage. It is different, but quite similar, to the one being rented by New Albany for use in the Bicentennial Park concert series, which continues tonight with Kaleidico and Violet Knives. Note the last sentence in the following, which I cribbed from the Southern Indiana tourism bureau’s weekly newsletter:

“Join the fun in New Albany’s great new music venue.”

Previously NAC has observed that given the expense incurred to build Bicentennial Park, it seems shortsighted not to have included better plans for the physical infrastructure necessary to make it a more permanent “venue” apart from rentals. Since former Mayor England openly boasts of credit owed him for singlehandedly conceiving, funding and building the park, shall we criticize him for the entertainment infrastructure omissions?

Boredom ensues; just bear it in mind should he decide to run for something again.

I’m tempted to ask a question:

“Might we borrow a few farthings from the parks bond extravaganza to slip a portable stage into the city’s Christmas stocking?”

Problem is, this prompts another question:

“What about that humongous, largely unused permanent stage at the Riverfront Amphitheater?

Damn. Questions are hard work. Is it beer-thirty yet?

New Albany Bicentennial Concert Series

New Albany’s Bicentennial Park will feature Violet Knives with opener Kaleidico this Friday at 6 pm in the city’s new Bicentennial Park located at 110 East Spring Street. Derek Carrell, Eric Condon, Ty Goodwin and Shawn Steele maker up an Inde/Alternative band whose musical roots come from such groups as Radiohead, R.E.M., Joy Davidson and Velvet Underground. Hailing from Louisville, Violet Knives promises a great show. The evening’s entertainment is opened by another great Louisville up-and-coming group Kaleidico. Join the fun in New Albany’s great new music venue.