Justin Suer fluffs the usual “economic development” suspects as 1Si sniggers in delight.


Here’s a fun activity: See if you can find a single reference to indie business, or new/local economies in this piece.

Then again, as celebrations of “regionalism” go, the author’s hickeys on the asses of the Bridges Junta membership are visible beneath their starched suits.

Justin Suer on Southern Indiana: ‘Is Louisville our partner, or our adversary? Yes’, by Justin Suer (Insider Louisville)


An ecosystem is a “system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms within their environment.[1]“

When neglected or ignored, natural ecosystems become unhealthy. Consequently, growth and development is stunted.

Economic systems are no different. The work of environmental scientists is to help cultivate healthy biological ecosystems. The work of economic developers is to help nurture economic ecosystems. Healthy economic ecosystems produce jobs, tax revenue, and consumer spending.

How healthy is Southern Indiana’s economic ecosystem? What dynamic puzzle pieces are linking up to change our economic ecosystem for the better or worse?