Coffey beats rush, starts October surprise in July.


Does it matter that Council Member Dan Coffey recently voted to approve $19 million in recreational spending without even knowing for sure what will be built? Nope.

Does it matter that he defends funding a Bicentennial Commission that publicly told him they had no idea how the money would be spent? Nope.

Does it matter that during the local NSP approval process, when at least some council members were questioning the overall expenditure of federal money, Coffey’s primary argument was that the spending should occur in his district rather than some other? Probably.

But the real question, as it always is, is if this will serve as sufficient fissure in ending his cheerleading of the current administration. We’ve seen this shtick repeatedly: a new administration and council takes office, Coffey presents himself as a senior statesman and ally long enough to gain a position of trust and perhaps collect a few baubles, and then, shazam, it ends as abruptly as it started with Coffey giving up the pom-poms in favor of his preferred grandstand(ing) seat.

This is the second time in the past couple months Coffey has publicly suggested untoward behavior associated with the NSP, having yet to offer a speck of evidence in support of his rhetoric.

Coffey persistent on Midtown audit, by Daniel Suddeath (N and T)

New Albany City Councilman Dan Coffey continued his scrutiny Tuesday of
the agency in charge of the $6.7 million Neighborhood Stabilization
A resolution sponsored by Coffey that was passed last month was
reaffirmed by the New Albany Redevelopment Commission. It calls for an
audit of the NSP program, which has resulted in the rehabilitation of 32
vacant and dilapidated properties in the Midtown neighborhood.