Our newest NABC hires.


After NABC posted on-line in April for the brewery representative position being vacated by Richard Atnip, we received 45 applications.

It was a “wow” moment for me.

For perhaps the first time in company history, we formed a committee of owners and managers, and began going through the submissions. There were many good ones, and it wasn’t easy sifting through so much talent.

This resulted in a final list of 10, two rounds of interviews, and the eventual hiring of Blake Montgomery. Significantly, two others among the applicants have been hired for jobs other than brewery rep: Peter Fingerson in the brewery, and Alliee Bliss as bartender and server at Bank Street Brewhouse.

Blake is from Kansas, his wife hails from right here in New Albany, and they’ve lived in Kokomo for a long while. It’s heartening to know that they’re willing to relocate for the job, and all of us at NABC are feeling good about what’s coming.

Meet Blake Montgomery and Peter Fingerson