“In an effort to facilitate seemingly scant communication,” my e-mail to Dr. Harris.


(Sent today; most recent PourGate update here)

Good morning, Dr. Harris

In an effort to facilitate seemingly scant communication, please allow me to offer this update, and to ask just a few questions of you.

(1) It has been more than a week since I dropped off a letter detailing points of appeal, v.v. the newly ordained temporary food service permit requirement for beer vending, when we already possess a Type 222 supplemental catering permit (ATC) for such activity. I’ve heard no definitive word on when a hearing will take place on this matter, apart from your entertaining comments made to the newspaper. Can you please inform me of the hearing date, and whether I am allowed to attend it? Seems the media is very curious, and I’m the accommodating type when it comes to transparency.

(2)  It has been several days since I dropped off the Indiana Public Access Request (reprinted below for your convenience). Has it been considered? It’s all very straightforward, I believe; merely a collection of pertinent facts.

(3) You will note that following the advice of counsel, I am acquiring these temporary food permits for beer under written protest, until resolution of the appeal (and subsequent actions, if any). As such, I came to your office last Friday and paid $160 to accompany eight temporary permit applications, for which I subsequently became aware only seven green sheets had been processed and returned to me. The one for Friday, June 28 at Bank Street Brewhouse (outdoor grilling) was not included. Of course, I have the cash receipt to prove payment. Can you please tell me with whom to speak so that this can be rectified? Or should I stop by and just ask anyone?

Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.


The Public Access request follows.

Roger A. Baylor
1117 E. Spring Street
New Albany IN 47150

June 21, 2013

Floyd County Health Department
Attn.: Dr. Tom Harris
1917 Bono Road
New Albany IN 47150
(Hand Delivered)

Re: Public Records Request

Dear Dr. Harris:

The Floyd County Health Department is a public agency as defined by Indiana Statute. Pursuant to Indiana Public Access statutes (Indiana Code 5-14-3), I am requesting copies of all citations and/or tickets issued by the Floyd County Department of Health to any vendor, person, company and/or individual regarding “Temporary Food Service Permit” for the last five (5) years. In addition, I am requesting that each citation and/or ticket be identified as to whether those cited were serving food or alcoholic beverages.

If there is a cost associated with this request, please inform me of the amount. I look forward to the response and compliance with this request. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Roger A. Baylor