Bureaucrats, potato chips and the need for a city health department.


Last evening, with food being served throughout Floyd County, we were inspected prior to the musical performance. Public health was heroically protected when we were told to remove a bag of potato chips from the railing where the beers are poured. Thus, the only item approximating food could not be present where a food permit (now, newly, for the first time in the history of Floyd County habitation) is required to operate.

This is how Dr. Tom Harris sublimates ambulance envy.

There is no more statutory support in Indiana for temporary food service permits being demanded of beer pourers than there is for psychiatric exams mandated of whimsical, autonomous bureaucrats. But those shoes … they sometimes fit, and in a pinch, are capable of housing potato chip bags.

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Kevin Gibson has a solid take on the imbroglio here: NABC vs. Floyd County Health Department.

Thanks to K for the photo.