No Tricentennial for DNA in wartime, unfortunately.


Okay. So much for that idea.

Develop New Albany’s off the hook. I thought things were arranged so that there could be beer vending at the Exclusively New Albany event on Thursday, but sometimes the best laid plans go the way of 108K consulting gigs at the NSP. Our “in” didn’t materialize, and so it goes.

Besides that, as of Friday, there are bigger bureaucratic fish to fry, and so I welcome DNA to join New Albany’s beer community in condemning the county health department for its out-of-the-blue decision to require temporary food permits of ATC-licensed entities to pour beer from a keg into a plastic cup.

Speaking of which, did you know that a combined city-county health department dates only from 1991?

The department’s shaky justification for this new fee imposition probably dates from ambiguous language in original enabling legislation from Year Three of George HW Bush’s presidency.

Meaning that it has taken the local health department 22 long years to find the right words to implement revenue enhancement harassment.

Those food-borne pathogens that don’t even exist in draft beer?

They really must be shaking in their boots.