Re-energized UEA dusts off its checkbook, scatters largess.


While the UEA’s unexpectedly bountiful checkbook is open, kindly permit me to reveal that economic development officials in Birdseye have pieced together a multi-dollar deal to lure NABC from New Albany to rural paradise by Cappuccino’s sight.

Mass exodus to Birdseye; little people evacuate New Albany in search of cleanliness, lower educational standards.

Them relocated little people are going to need Regressive Pints, hence the town’s heated courtship of yours truly. I’m not sure how much longer we can hold the line here. In fact, about $70K in grants and loans should do nicely to make us feel more welcome, and if the UEA’s once again tapped out, can’t we just bond some TIF or something like that? Isn’t it time to reconsider NABC’s Riverview Brewing Towers idea?

C’mon, people, is there anything more “quality of life” than craft beer? Room temperature sarsaparilla may have been enough for your great-grandfather, but he went out with the Charleston, Maalox and ordinance enforcement.

I shall submit NABC’s terms via carrier pigeon, or Shirtless Marvin. You have been warned.

Quills among New Albany UEZ grant recipients; Collections were up 175 percent in UEZ last year, by Daniel Suddeath (N and T)

Over the past year, the New Albany Urban Enterprise Zone Association has handed out facade grants for 34 properties totaling more than $70,000.

A sizable chunk of that total was recently granted to Quills Coffee in order for the business to expand and remodel its Market Street location in downtown New Albany.

Quills garnered a $16,000 grant and also received an $8,000 loan from the UEZ.