Kerry Stemler: Once an asshole, always an asshole.

Three years later, only two of the faces have changed

In Louisville Courant, Curtis Morrison reports from California.

Still no word from my attorney, meanwhile Kerry Stemler wants attention

 … In the meantime, Joe Gerth with the Courier-Journal published what I would characterize as a pretty fair profile of me.

Laughable that Kerry Stemler thought he should have input, since we’ve technically never met.

A piece of oligarch-fluffing work, that Kerry Stemler. Presumably the carnage of the ORBP, which he has done so much to unleash on the region, is to be lauded because it emanates from self-effacing and rational motives.

Spare me, little man.

If memory serves, it wasn’t just Curtis Morrison that Stemler wouldn’t consider debating during the run-up to the bridges debacle. It was anyone and everyone expressing opposition to the concrete, steel and automotive sycophant’s cadre of boondoggle fetishists — you know, those wild and crazy suit wearers who drink a single watered-down margarita at a chain Tex-Mex place and then want to jump Ayn Rand’s dusty bones while wearing a garter fashioned from toll chits.

Here’s what Kerry Stemler has to say about Curtis Morrison, as reported by Joe Gerth. Stemler’s fascistic big-business power trip is about to lay waste to the metro area. Remember this small factoid as you read.

“Do you think sometimes people want their 15 minutes of fame?” asked Kerry Stemler, former co-chairman of the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority, a project about which (Curtis) Morrison has been outspoken.

Stemler doesn’t have much sympathy for Morrison …

… While Stemler said he disagreed with (Tyler) Allen — who also worked against building the downtown bridge — he always felt that Allen was sincere. But he said Morrison seemed to be opposing the project just to oppose it.

“If I was ever asked to debate Curtis, I wouldn’t have done it,” Stemler said. “He was too irrational in his motives.”