From WCTU to Woody, some heroic murals.


Above is a template with information elements, which I’ve handed over to the NABC graphics wizard Tony Beard for incorporation into a banner or sign for a wall in the WCTU Reading Room at Bank Street Brewhouse. Since I’m no graphic designer, Tony is charged with making it into something clever and colorful. He excels at it. I really like what he did with the banner for the Culbertson Mansion Garden Party.

It is to be adapted for Reading Room use, too. Of course, if we can find a place for them, these following two images can be nicely combined into one expression of principle. There’s a lot of outside wall space facing south, toward downtown.

Tony also will be painting the front of the building, in a variation of this mock-up.

I like images … with beer. Yet to be determined is a marker for Lloyd’s Landing, which I view as something to think about just a bit longer. It’ll come.