In the weeds (gladly) at the first of twelve Friday concerts at Bicentennial Park.


There are no photos of last evening’s concert series opener, at least not as taken by me, because once the taps were opened, I was standing rooted to one spot for four hours schlepping craft beers. Tremendous thanks to David Pierce for pitching in to help throughout, and to Diana for the second half. It proved to be too big an event for just one person — and that’s a good thing, indeed.

Speaking for Irish Exit and River City Winery, I’d say that we did probably twice the drinks volume expected. Plainly it was a bigger crowd than any of last year’s Live at 5 shows, and while this may owe in part to the dedication ceremony and ideal weather, my guess is that it reflects the city’s and concert promoter’s better marketing efforts.

In such a setting, I tend to judge matters by (a) the number of IDs checked (indicating a younger crowd) and (b) how many of them are licenses from Kentucky. There were plenty on both counts Friday night.

Thanks to the patience of the attendees. First night events in a brand new setting are usually logistical nightmares, but most of it worked out okay and can be improved with tweaking. We’ll be taking a close look at the layout, and see if there’s a way for the perimeter to be adjusted for greater ease of movement. The city is aware of the need for trash cans, and perhaps an extra portable potty. I can attest to a desire on the part of all of us to get the layout dialed in as quickly as possible. Greater efficiency always is the goal.

Readers seeking an opportunity to involve a service or charitable organization to vend non-alcoholic drinks (water, juice, soft drinks) might consider contacting Michael Hall. It could be a way of providing beverages outside the mandated serving area, and make a few bucks for the cause.

Several people asked me about food. The best way to answer this is to note the presence of numerous dining establishments within a block or two walk, all of which surely would be glad to put edibles in a carryout container. You can bring food and drink into the concert series venue, just not alcoholic beverages (the latter is state law, not local decision).

The shows will be running from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays through August (the finale is on August 23).

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