“Floyd Action Network Presents Workshop on Bike Commuting in Southern Indiana.”


Eric Vance Martin was down our way a few weeks back, on the ground, biking around. On the evening of Thursday, June 20, there’ll be this workshop; a city council meeting; and DNA’s Exclusively New Albany. From my house on Spring Street, walking to the DNA function would be a breeze.

Biking to the council meeting? Been there, done that.

But by bicycle from Spring Street to the Purdue Technology Center for a symposium on bicycle commuting? It can be done, but novices might not feel comfortable doing it. The back streets just off Charlestown Road are easy to use, placing one in the center’s vicinity. The intersection of Charlestown Road and Blackiston Mill is jammed with autos, with little space for bikes. Ride the sidewalk? Maybe, although that’s not what the sidewalk is for.

And, perhaps, that’s the whole point. When do we begin connecting bikes and walking shoes to local destinations, rather than allowing each to exist in autonomous spheres?

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June 14, 2013
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Floyd Action Network Presents Workshop on Bike Commuting in Southern Indiana

Imagining a bicycling future in New Albany and beyond

Floyd Action Network, promoting bicycling as the commuting alternative for southern Indiana residents, presents “Making the Most of Bike Commuting in Southern Indiana.”

On Thursday, June 20, Purdue Technology Center, 6:30 to 8:30 PM, Eric Vance Martin, M.P.A., a Ph.D. candidate at the IU Bloomington School of Public Health, shares the implications of scientific research on bicycling infrastructure for bicycle riding and commuting in New Albany.

Topics will include:

· How much increase in ridership might be expected from improvements in bicycling infrastructure?

· Possible health impacts on New Albany’s population if New Albany changes its levels of bicycling (emphasis on chronic disease)?

·What is the economic impact of effective biking infrastructure?

All who attend this free workshop are invited to share their own visions and ideas for New Albany’s biking future.

Purdue Technology Center, 3000 Technology Avenue, New Albany, is off of Charlestown Road, near Blackiston Mill Road.

Complimentary snacks and beverages: 6:00 to 6:30 PM. Program begins at 6:30 PM. Registration not required. Email questions to FAN@floydactionnetwork.org.


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