BicenPk dedicated prior to opening concert.


We looked and looked, but the once, former and future Hizzoner was nowhere to be seen.

The new park was blessed with non-ecumenical, purely Christian prayer, which is unfortunate — but then again, one-way thinking is perhaps the city’s chief bicentennial legacy.

There was a strong presence of New Albany police and fire departments, and there’s no denying their sharp, professional appearance. Great job, guys.

The Elsby Building makes an imposing backdrop for the new facility. If ever there was a building that should be residential condos, this is it.

Of the comments made yesterday during the dedication, Judge Terry Cody’s were by far the best. He did not shirk from referencing past civic errors (including the fact that the park occupies space where a post office building might still be standing), this being a refreshing change, and one incapable of being grasped by luminaries like the bicentennial co-chair persons, seen above in self-congratulatory oratorical mode.

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