Tricentennial Ale, available at Exclusively New Albany on June 20.


Recently I’ve been musing aloud about the wetting of beaks, and the persistence of various modes of behavior. The digression began here:

NABC and Exclusively New Albany: What would YOU do?

 … Exclusively New Albany is a “signature” event, meaning that only those businesses paying dues as members of DNA have the right to vend for cash (as would be the case with full pours of craft beer from NABC). All others are invited to participate as samples-only delegates, and donate product.

It was renewed here:

An alternative model; conversely, let’s just drink some good beer and let it go.

 … Look, I know DNA won’t entertain my suggestion, and furthermore, I understand that the whole event vending “rule” scheme is constructed to be a sweetheart deal for a friend of the non-transparent former regime, which still holds sway in spite of the welcome change in leadership.

It is my pleasure to report that the impasse has been artfully resolved. At the Exclusively New Albany event on June 20, you will find two types of NABC beer being vended by full, adult-sized pour, for which cash money will be gratefully accepted. One of the taps has yet to be announced. The other definitely will be Tricentennial Ale, providing those in attendance the opportunity to drink Post-Colonial Ale in a pleasant, streetside setting … and by popular demand, I’ll be there to talk beer.

All it took was an idea man … and I thank him.