NABC and Exclusively New Albany: What would YOU do?

(Exclusively 2010)

For those who’ve queried, here’s the straight dope.

Since the inception of Develop New Albany’s Exclusively New Albany, NABC has been happy to dispense beer samples at the event. Each year we’ve done so, lots of folks have asked why they can’t purchase full pours of craft beer, seeing as generally there has been a full cash bar on hand, albeit without any beer remotely approximating craft — because, oddly, some people still don’t/can’t/won’t “get” it.

Finally I decided to ask, and the answer that has come back to me is that Exclusively New Albany is a “signature” event, meaning that only those businesses paying dues as members of DNA have the right to vend for cash (as would be the case with full pours of craft beer from NABC). All others are invited to participate as samples-only delegates, and donate product.

There isn’t much else I can say; after all, rules are rules.

Note the diplomatic complexities. I appreciate the general direction DNA’s new management is taking; it is a welcomed change, and I’d like to recognize it and help them out. I don’t mind conceding a sense of frustration (perhaps fury) when mass-market swill wins out, but so it goes … and, regrettably, far too often. Joining DNA for the sole purpose of vending would be counter-productive, both in terms of defraying the expense through one night of vending (highly unlikely), and personal ideology. I’m tempted to offer an alternative on the 20th by licensing the property of a friend next door, although some would perceive that as churlish. And, finally, I might set up a table once again, pour 10 growlers by 2-ounce allotment, write it off, and call it a day.

It’s complicated. Advice, anyone? Maybe it’s time for a web poll.