School board’s forest and trees — assuming the latter are not felled for additional parking.


Ostensibly, the point in Jerod Clapp’s article has something to do with the band director, except that the larger notations of interest are hidden in the folds of the fabric.

First, there’s school board member Mark Boone, who really doesn’t want to talk about these things aloud before the nagging public, when smoky back rooms provide more privacy.

Mark Boone, board member, said he didn’t understand why Gardenour had asked the same questions she had answered via email earlier this week. She maintained she had a right to ask those questions publicly.

“It’s almost to the point where we do this every month to embarrass someone,” Boone said.

Gardenour said she thought too many issues were discussed amongst the board via the Internet and would like to see more of those discussions happen publicly.

Boone said it made more sense to do one or the other, rather than go over the same details as a courtesy.

Gardenour said she disagreed and wanted the most up-to-date information possible public.

“We’re going to make a game show of meetings going forward guys, because I can do this, too,” Boone said. “Go ahead.”

However, if a game show were the real objective, a better one would involve spinning a wheel of condemnation to see which house the board votes to demolish next. Does Boone (or, for that matter, any other school board member) ever attend meetings of any downtown group charged with bettering neighborhoods — or is the planning better done on high, in back, and on the down low?

The board unanimously passed the purchase of 1813 Shelby St. for $31,500. The district has bought several properties in that area to help expand parking for New Albany High School.

Expand parking, destroy the neighborhood for the sake of cars. I hope the kids are paying attention.

Support swells for New Albany band director: Decision on employment not yet before NA-FC board (N and T)

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