Brewer: “Louisville has the money and the potential for a good fan base to make the NBA work.”


With Sacramento staging a late counter-offer to a proposal to sell the Kings to interests in Seattle, it’s looking unlikely that Louisville gets a team any time soon, even if it wants one. Seattle sportswriter Jerry Brewer, formerly of the Courier-Journal, provides his views on the topic in a chat with WFPL.

Seattle Times Columnist Jerry Brewer: ‘The NBA Could Work in Louisville’

Credit NBA/Creative Commons
The question of whether Louisville could and should have an NBA team has entered a quieter phase since the Sacramento Kings began talks of relocating to Seattle. Though it’s no done deal, as a Sacramento group is also trying to keep the franchise in place.
Either way, at this juncture no NBA team appears up for grabs—though history dictates that that’s likely to change in the next several years
Louisville officials said the city was never truly pursuing the Kings. The city isn’t at that point yet, they said. Greater Louisville Inc. is updating a past study on the NBA and Louisville, and that’s where things currently stand on the issue, said Chris Poynter, spokesman for Mayor Greg Fischer.
Despite the apparent lack of an available NBA team, the questions will linger—as they have for years—as to whether Louisville ought to get into the professional basketball game.
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