Benedetti to NAC: I’ve been to the Muhammad Ali Center.


In response to an article published here on May 31, 2007, 5th district council representative Diane Benedetti has cleared the air.

C’mon, who could turn down an afternoon at Louisville’s Muhammad Ali Center?

At the aforementioned Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on April 27, Mr. and Mrs. Confidential were flatly envious of 5th district Democratic council candidate Diane McCartin Benedetti, who walked off with the door prize of specially selected Muhammad Ali Center materials and admission tickets. I wonder if she has yet had time to visit, and if so, whether the experience was good for her.

After this evening’s council meeting, Mrs. Benedetti told me that not only has she visited the Muhammad Ali Center, she found it wonderful, and she also provided tickets to underprivileged kids so they could experience it, too.

And now you have the rest of the story, because at NAC, we follow up. Good day.