Another stellar review of Exchange pub + kitchen, this time in LEO Weekly.


Given the antipathy to independent small business regularly exhibited by certain of the News and ‘Bune’s largely unsupervised reporters, do you ever wonder where they eat?


Meanwhile, Louisville media has been taking notice of downtown New Albany’s expanding restaurant scene. Congratulations to Ian, Rick and everyone at the Exchange, which collectively is helping us all to step up our games.

Theory of Relativity is demonstrated at Exchange Pub, by Robin Garr (LEO Weekly)

NA Exchange got a new name when it moved down the New Albany hill: Now it’s The Exchange Pub + Kitchen. It got a new look, which is actually an old look, as it makes creative use of a historic building in New Albany’s rapidly gentrifying downtown. But it didn’t get new food, insists Chef Rick Adams, who swears that the menu he forged at the previous location — including his signature shrimp and grits — hasn’t changed a bit.