The two locations of Sam’s Food & Spirits have reopened.


First, permit me to express sincere relief that Sam’s Food & Spirits has reopened, and  also that the tax issues causing Sam Anderson’s two restaurants to briefly close for two days this week are being resolved. Both Sam the person and Sam’s as a restaurant are iconic institutions hereabouts. Which local eateries have been in business for 28 years under the same name and ownership?  Sam is the link between the Lancaster’s and South Sides of old, and the explosion of new places today.

And, thanks to Grace Schneider for clearly explaining what happened, and how it’s been addressed.

Sam’s eateries in Floyd County reopen after 2-day shutdown, by Grace Schneider (Courier-Journal)

Both Sam’s Food and Spirits restaurants in Floyd County reopened Friday for lunch after closing suddenly Tuesday afternoon. The Indiana Department of Revenue had temporarily shut them down because the company defaulted on payment of state taxes, owner Sam Anderson said Friday afternoon.