Franklin Graham foams at the mouth. Rabid theology the presumed cause.


We’ve already glanced at a localized context of evangelistic outrage at this year’s election results. Rather like Multichins McConnell’s vow to devote all his energies to making Barack Obama a one-term president (epic fail), and resembling those super patriots now vowing to detach themselves from the object of their congenital chest-thumping, now the preachers all are going to be praying not for “god’s” supposed bounty, but for mass destruction.

However, as is customary in cases of divine appeal, these catastrophic yearnings are redundant. Unaddressed climate change should do the trick quite nicely, and it’s a man-made phenomenon.

Franklin Graham: God May Have to Cause “A Complete Economic Collapse” to Save Nation From Obama, by David Corn (Mother Jones)

… As Graham denounced the Obama years, Newsmax’s Kathleen Walter asked, “So we’ve become too secular a nation? How do we bring God back into government?” Graham replied:

Maybe God will have to bring our nation down to our knees—to where you just have a complete economic collapse. And maybe at that point, maybe people will again begin to call upon the name of almighty God.

Economic calamity was the one option Graham mentioned—as if only such a disaster could move the United States in the right direction.