Nash: “Trees here in New Albany have had a little harder time of it.”


Matt offers the coda to this week’s latest outbreak of the dreaded New Albany Syndrome, followed by links to NAC’s coverage.

NASH: I think that I shall never see …, by Matt Nash (News and Tribune)

… One of my friends stated that “only in New Albany do you cut down trees in order to build a park.” The sentiment may ring true but it is not entirely accurate. In 2010 the city of Jeffersonville cleared 15 acres of mature trees in order to build a park. With both the city of New Albany and Jeffersonville’s decisions to cut down trees in order to build parks, the question of transparency has been raised. New Albany has a tree board that should have been consulted, but from the reports I have heard this was not the case.

Is there room in there for a shuffleboard table?

ON THE AVENUES: Saw Through City, redux.

Breaking: In response to TimberGate …

Acorns may be nuts, too, but at least they produce trees.

Caesaring trees to build a park: What (unfortunately) downtown IS about.

And so the Bicentennial begins at Spring and Pearl…