ATC gives BSB a thumbs up, and the Publican is happy.


Earlier today, Bank Street Brewhouse was given the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission’s approval for floor plan changes, and now the WCTU Reading Room and Lloyd’s Landing are legal habitats, respectively, for pouring and drinking Progressive Pints. Quite a bit remains to be done, but this first cleared hurdle is a relief.

As explained previously, the translucent panels above the WCTU Reading Room simply had to be replaced — and work began this morning on a new, insulated roof. From inception, the space has not been watertight, and while this mattered little when it still served as open-air patio, converting it into a multi-purpose, all-weather room could not be achieved without a better roof.

Many thanks to Steve Resch and his merry band of workmen. There are none better in this city.