Tea partiers, recoil; here’s more about how Ed Clere’s bridge tolls will be calculated.


The Courier-Journal’s Marcus Green reminds us that future bridge tolls will be tantamount to taxation without representation. I suggest you remember this inconvenient fact come November.

No requirements that tolling decisions will include Louisville-area residents

The power to set and adjust tolls on new Ohio River bridges will fall to a yet-to-be formed “tolling body” that will draw on two boards with few residents of Louisville and Southern Indiana …

… A recent analysis by two local economists found that the bulk of the tolls would be paid by Indiana drivers, who would be the heaviest bridge users. Kentucky residents would pay $3.6 million annually based on a $1, one-way toll, while $8.6 million would be charged to Hoosier commuters.

That’s why any tolling body should include some representatives from Jeffersonville, said Dennis Julius, a Jeffersonville City Council member who has raised concerns about the impact of tolls and construction on the I-65 bridges.

“I think we ought to have some kind of representation, because we’re going to be probably the most affected of anybody, in my opinion,” he said.