Meet “Frank,” a teabagger.


Yesterday afternoon, in route to Turtle Run, we exited the interstate at Edwardsville. There, in a yard facing State Road 62, was a huge hand-lettered sign in someone’s yard extolling the virtues of Romney, Ryan and Mourdock. It might as well have been “Frank’s” yard.

When ignorance becomes a movement: Meet ‘Frank’ from Louisville, a ‘Tea Party guy’, by Brian Tucker (Insider Louisville)

… Although my work will likely never be completed, I have arrived at a milepost of sorts and am now able to begin filing my report that shall ultimately be my life’s work – defining and debunking Teabaggery.

At first I thought it would be an easy venture -and it has been in some ways- because people love to tell you everything they know about politics.

Especially when they are dead wrong.

Meet “Frank.”