See, even vegetarians can enjoy Feast BBQ.


Maybe it’s just me, but when a noted local foodie of the vegetarian persuasion chooses to devote a blog entry to the fare at a barbecue restaurant — located in New Albany, not Louisville — it’s a very good thing, indeed.

Apart from tofu and seitan, Feast BBQ has elicited much discussion among New Albanians since the restaurant debuted on July 4. The vibe has been overwhelmingly positive, with scattered comments about inconsistent opening hours and frequent menu depletions.

My two cents is this: It’s part of the game. The most accurate business plan in the world is altered the moment the first customer walks through the door, and it’s worth remembering that learning curves are an integral part of the process.

Beginning with the coming week, Feast BBQ’s hours are these:

Tuesday – Saturday … Dinner from 5 p.m -10 p.m. (or later on Friday and Saturday)

Owner/chef/chief bottle washer Ryan Rogers adds: “Thank you for the overwhelming support that has been rolling through the doors. Hopefully this will be our last change in hours until we can expand our kitchen/cooler and once again expand our hours.”

Where to Eat in not-exactly-Louisville: Feast BBQ, at Consuming Louisville

It’s a pretty well known fact that I don’t venture across the river to visit our neighbors to the north very often. But someone making the effort to make sure vegetarians have something good to eat at a barbecue restaurant? Well that’s enough to get me across the river.

I represented team vegetarian and my dining companion represented team “mmmm bbq chicken is good” for our meal at Feast BBQ last week.