Not us. We build **** for cars here, mister.


In New Albany, drivers express outrage because they cannot drive in the parking lane on State Street.

In Copenhagen, they would be told (with politeness) to shut up. They should be here, too, except that we do not progress. We coddle.

COPENHAGEN JOURNAL: Commuters Pedal to Work on Their Very Own Superhighway, by Sally McGrane (New York Times)

… The cycle superhighway, which opened in April, is the first of 26 routes scheduled to be built to encourage more people to commute to and from Copenhagen by bicycle. More bike path than the Interstate its name suggests, it is the brainchild of city planners who were looking for ways to increase bicycle use in a place where half of the residents already bike to work or to school every day.

“We are very good, but we want to be better,” said Brian Hansen, the head of Copenhagen’s traffic planning section.