Bob Caesar’s commute is about to get easier.


We at NAC advocate that the road on Spring Street hill should be tolled in perpetuity to help finance repairs. No matter that it is an existing piece of infrastructure. Also, bicycles and walkers should be able to avoid tolling by traveling under their own power, which is a wonderful cardiovascular statement.

Only in this way will those laboring under CM CeeSaw’s pre-conceived notions even begin to understand the implications of matters ranging from bridge tolls to personal fitness.

On the other hand, when perception is purely optional … well, never mind. He’ll never, ever get it, will he?

Spring Street Hill Road repair to begin around June 1, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune)

NEW ALBANY — Since last November, a plan to repair and reopen Spring Street Hill Road has been on hold.

On Tuesday, the New Albany Board of Works and Public Safety gave final approval to proceed with the project, as work is expected to begin around June 1 on the road that connects the city’s West End with Silver Hills …

… Councilman Bob Caesar, who sponsored the council measure and is a Silver Hills resident, said the reopening of Spring Street Hill road will be a “big deal” for the community.

“We just wanted to make sure this was done once and done right,” he said …

… City officials firmly stated their intentions to install and enforce vehicle weight limits for Spring Street Hill Road.

“I’d even recommend a camera on that hill to keep heavy trucks off of the hill,” Caesar said.