Newspaper says: “Gonder proposing ethics commission.”


I tend to agree with John Gonder, and in the instance of his proposal for an Ethics Commission, I can’t say that I disagree. However …

(1) Can someone/anyone, either council or City Hall, clarify the status of the existing but shamefully moribund Human Rights Commission concurrent with this new proposal?

(2) Postmaster? Don’t we have a somewhere in town?

(3) Wouldn’t it be rich if the freshly convened ethics panel chooses Professor Erik from Freedom to Screech? Then Ms. Denhart would have to go out and hire someone to play him, or else just cross-dress like before.

Regrettably, I must skip tonight’s council gathering, as there is a pre-existing date with a marketing class at IU Southeast.

Gonder proposing ethics commission, by Daniel Suddeath

NEW ALBANY — New Albany City Councilman John Gonder said the ordinance he will introduce tonight calling for the establishment of an Ethics Commission is intended to help alleviate any doubts residents may have about their local elected officials.

Gonder is slated to introduce for first and second readings the measure which, if approved, would establish a five-member ethics panel.

If convened, the ethics commission would be charged with formulating a code of ethics within three months of its first meeting. The code of ethics would then be brought before the city council for consideration and possible approval.

The ethics commission would also hear complaints against any city employee, council or board member to determine if that code was broken. No public official would be allowed to serve on the commission as the measure is written.

Instead, four people holding prominent positions in the city would be allowed to each appoint one person. The president of the Floyd County Bar Association, the New Albany Postmaster, the principal of New Albany High School and the chancellor of Indiana University Southeast would each be given one selection.

The fifth member of the commission would then be chosen by the four appointments.