The 8th One Southern Indiana Kingpin for a Week is right here.


The search for One Southern Indiana’s latest temporary CEO continues, and NAC is volunteering weekly headhunting assistance, because we’re civic-minded when not otherwise stuck in Bridge Tolls City, all inTOXICated again. Previous weekly winners have been:

Angry Easter Bunny
Sancho Panza
Sean Payton
Jethro Bodine
Rush Limbaugh
Vaughan Scott
Benny Breeze

Who’ll be the next momentary 1Si kingpin, who will check his or her travel arrangements just prior to reciting the oath of office, which precedes the permanent vacation that follows a whole week’s vainglorious labor?

I would like to announce that I have accepted the post of CEO of One Southern Indiana. I regret that I have to step down on Monday. I treasure our time that we have worked together.

She’s tanned, rested and ready, and Margaret Thatcher is stepping away from retirement to lend some stiff upper lip to 1Si’s ongoing advocacy of taxing Indiana’s workers to get to their jobs, via bridge tolls and unnecessary, obsolete-before-being-built ORBP infrastructure. It’s called One Southern Indiana Right to Pay to Work (except union dues, of course), and the exurban enrichment society is counting on Maggie to keep them damned pergessives quiet … well, for a week at least.

The making of Maggie (Guardian)
She found it easy to charm men … women simply didn’t count She was the grocer’s daughter with a stong moral conscience who ruled with an iron fist – or so the story goes. In fact, she was a millionaire’s wife, who lacked scruples and did what her male colleagues told her, argues Germaine Greer on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Mrs Thatcher’s election