It’s time for a 6th Kingpin for a Week: 1Si’s CEO for the next seven days is …


The search for One Southern Indiana’s latest temporary CEO continues in the aftermath of the Wassmer Error. NAC has volunteered its weekly headhunting assistance, because we’re all civic-minded when not otherwise inTOXICated.

So, who’ll be the next momentary occupant of the throne, he or she who will solemnly swear aloud 1Si’s oath of office?

I would like to announce that I have accepted the post of CEO of One Southern Indiana. I regret that I have to step down on Monday. I treasure our time that we have worked together.

Last week’s winner was Sean Payton, preceded by Jethro Bodine, Rush Limbaugh, Vaughan Scott and Benny Breeze. They’ve all earned the vacation that follows a whole week’s vainglorious labor. Today’s choice as 1Si CEO for the week of March 31 – April 6, 2012 is …

 … a man long accustomed to playing the role of sidekick …

 … because after all, One Southern Indiana’s eminence grise, Kerry Stemler, remains the top dog in all but title.

Who will 1Si’s kingpin be next week? Tune in next Friday, and we’ll tell you — whether or not you want to know.