Modern times: Cleanliness is next to non-governmental in filthy NA.


Keep New Albany Clean and Green’s weekly appearance before the Board of Works is recounted.

The next step in clean: Group calls for New Albany, organizations to refurbish their signs, by Daniel Suddeath (Pop Ups ‘R’ Us)

NEW ALBANY — Keep New Albany Clean and Green organizer Irv Stumler congratulated the city for removing illegal signage from right-of-ways last week, but added it’s time to take beautification a step further.

Appearing before the New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety on Tuesday, Stumler said several organizational and municipal signs are in need of refurbishing.

“How can we expect private property owners to take care of their property if we don’t practice what we preach?” Stumler said …

… Adding mulch, trimming weeds and other landscaping improvements will be made during the event. For more information, email Jerry Finn at