Tolls: Hoosiers selling out Hoosiers as ORBP funding agreement inked.


If the Indiana-based members of the Bridges (Tolling) Authority retain any semblance of intellectual honesty, they need to eavesdrop on conversations today, whether electronic or voiced, to the effect that Louisvillians will stay where they are if tolls are required to cross bridges traveling northward.

Have each of you you been willfully blind to this eventuality from the start?

And where’s that economic impact study (on Hoosier small businesses) that at least one of you promised to look into, what, more than a year ago?

Benedict Arnold did less damage to his country than you have to Southern Indiana. Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

Governors agree to financing plan for the Ohio River Bridges Project, by John R. Karman III (Business First)

The plan approved by the governors today calls for tolls to be collected on the two new bridges and the revamped Kennedy Bridge. Tolls will begin as soon as the first bridge is completed.

Under the current plan, tolls would be in the range of $1 per crossing for frequent commuters in cars and sport-utility vehicles. Tolls for other cars and SUVs would be in the $2 range.

The rates would be about $5 for panel trucks and $10 for tractor trailers.

Tolling has been among the most controversial aspects of the bridges plan.