Kingpin for a Week, Part 2: This week’s 1Si CEO is …


Jody Wassmer’s gone back to Owensboro with his cell phone on his knee, and One Southern Indiana has the frayed “help wanted” sign hanging on the front door, so we’ve decided to provide weekly headhunting assistance.

Who’ll be the next hot seat occupant to issue this statement?

I would like to announce that I have accepted the post of CEO of One Southern Indiana. I regret that I have to step down on Monday. I treasure our time that we have worked together.

Last week’s winner was Benny Breeze, but he’s put in his seven days. Today’s choice as 1Si CEO for the week of March 2 – March 8, 2012 …

 .. is Benny’s conceptual father, Vaughan Scott, who is quite experienced at multi-tasking and will wear numerous hats these next seven days: CEO, Oligarchy Board chairman, improvement agent of the region’s bottom-feeder line, and because Benny’s contract has expired, chief Goebbelsian “fact”-finder for the bloated monstrosity known as the Ohio River Bridges Project.

But his tenure clock’s already ticking. Who will One Southern Indiana’s kingpin be next week? Tune in, and we’ll tell you.