“Saul Alinsky: The activist who terrifies the right,” at Salon.


Good stuff, indeed. Time to read “Rules for Radicals,” which I confess to not having done.

Saul Alinsky: The activist who terrifies the right; Newt and other conservatives are obsessed with tying Obama to Saul Alinsky. Here’s where their hatred comes from, by Thomas J. Sugrue (Salon)

… Here is the root of the right’s suspicion of Alinsky. His goal was giving the dispossessed agency—empowering them to “fight privilege and power, whether it be inherited or acquired.” In Gingrich’s view, by contrast, the “have nots” are fundamentally incapable, responsible for their own fate because of their immorality, indolence and inertia. They will only be uplifted through the discipline of the market. Put poor elementary school children to work to instill in them a work ethic; cut welfare to promote “personal responsibility,” take away food stamps and reduce unemployment benefits so that the jobless are forced to work.