The lost art of the self-epitaph.


Catching up and cutting to the chase, straight to the end of a nice N and T recapitulation by Jared Clapp of the recent contract, er, “negotiations” with schools superintendent Bruce Hibbard. Italics helpfully provided.

Let the contract debate continue; Board members, others evaluate Superintendent Hibbard’s contract

… (Mark) Boone said though the vote appeared to be unpopular, he’s not worried about how it might affect his status as a school board member after the next election.

“I really don’t worry about that,” Boone said. “If people don’t want to re-elect me because of how I voted on something, that doesn’t matter to me. It’s not about re-election, it’s about trying to do the right thing.”

(Roger) Whaley said he thought voting in favor of a new contract with a raise was what he had to do.

“I’m satisfied that we did the right thing for the school corporation even though some members of the community don’t think we did,” Whaley said. “We will be criticized for the decision. That’s my answer to the critics.”