Beam: “The hypocrisy of a raise when so many others have sacrificed for the good of our school community is unreal.”


Apart from the five school board members and Bruce Hibbard himself, two days have passed with nary a single peep from anyone in the community who believes the superintendent’s salary increase, and the largely non-transparent way it was pursued, were positive developments. Surely someone out there agrees with the school board’s Fab Five? If readers locate anyone who does, please send him or her to me, as I’d be happy to present the other side of the story, although I suspect it’s too “toxic” to touch until attention spans slacken. In the interim, Amanda Beam approaches the topic from the perspective of Cupid’s arrow, and scores another direct hit.

The case of the love struck school board, by Amanda Beam (Hoosiermandy blog)

Cupid’s arrows struck early yesterday at the New Albany Floyd County School Board Meeting. That little naked cherub is good. The sharp projectiles incapacitated five of the seven board members and made them fall undyingly in love with our superintendent, Dr. Bruce Hibbard. In their adoration, the members voted to give Hibbard a $28,500 raise in his new contract as well as a one time $10,000 bonus. That brings Hibbard total salary to $170,500 effective immediately. Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed.