Why rich folks always can be trusted to construct tax-free buildings correctly, and other tasty tales of Monday’s city council shipwreck.


My ad hoc and purely momentary “reflections” on last evening’s bizarre council gathering are collated here:

Somewhere beneath the pop-ups and roll-overs, Daniel Suddeath’s News and Tribune is here: New Albany council opposes two low-income developments; Tax credits can still be sought by Summit Springs, Legacy at Riverside.

Bob Caesar’s and Kevin Zurschmiede’s kinky, fetishist choice for required reading by Pretend-Democrats and Republicans alike, amid any discussion of human rights, anti-poverty programs and BZA board appointments is here: It is forbidden to relinquish property tax monies in cases of reduced-income tax credit projects, but it is required, fondled and fluffed in cases of Jack Bobo’s target-the-wealthy condos, since those people will buy more diamonds and shit.

Finally, here’s a view of last evening’s “Public Speaking Round Two,” otherwise known as the Charge of the Bud Light Brigade: