Part four of live blogging for Monday, February 6.


G-12-02 Ordinance Amending the City of New Albany Ordinance G-09-06 Concerning the Bicentennial Commission Membership … Zurschmiede 3rd reading

No questions, no comments: Vote is unanimous in favor.


Bicentennial Commission: David Barksdale, Jim Meeks

UEA: Coffey already … Ron McCulick & Allen Howie … next meeting, will fill the other one next time

Board of Zoning Appeals: Jameson Bledsoe


COMMUNICATIONS – PUBLIC (non-agenda items):

Steve Price: Here to talk about the executive order for health insurance. Praises neighboring mayors. Council owes everything to the taxpayers. If the order didn’t leak out, via a private citizen, and was signed in July, then was the fix in? “Major red flags,” which Miss Denhart will address. Price gets incoherent — free form commentary. Nothing unusual there. Are the Nazis back at the VFW?

Steve Burks: Agenda concern. Glad to hear that two council members professed Christianity, but concerned that we’ve gone to a reflection instead of an invocation. How did this get removed? Benedetti says: “I did.” Coffey says that he’s Catholic and likes to do it his own way. Burks will talk to her later (with a paddle). He’s peeved. Three members agree with Benedetti. Burks a-whining. “As a pastor in this community” he prays for all of them. Note that this is his standard invocation when he gives it each prior week, since there never really has been different faiths represented. Promotes transparency, and would like to see it come into play. Exalts council members as “servants of the people” and quotes either from scripture, or state law. Reads from text, wants the executive order to be a great bellwether in the history of the city, to protect people, unless those people want cheap housing, and then it’s about property taxes (oops, that’s Caesar’s line).

Jessica Knable: Thanks everyone who reversed the executive order, and praises Price, Burks and Denhart for bringing the issue to light. Thanks Gahan for reversing it. Reads a series of variations on the “for the people” homilies. Promotes transparency.

 Vicki Denhart: She needs more time. She has stacks of papers. She wants to set the record straight. “I leaked it.” Mentions citizens for accountability. Time for some old-fashioned England scourging, high entertainment quotient. When she first got the information, she couldn’t tell anyone. “It’s a real executive order.” Now, time, to scourge Gahan: After supporting Gahan, and telling him, “I said Jeff, I pray to God I don’t have to go up against you,” she now has turned on him. He told her he’d rescind it on one date, then rescinded it on another. She called Gahan, and he did not return the call. So, she called Charlie Pride at the state. She called Burks, and Price. And she called Benedetti, and Chris Morris, and asked if they had the executive order. She went to the clerk’s office, and her professional girls couldn’t find the order. Vicki understands that everyone would keep information from her. Denhart then proposed swapping the executive order (which she had) for Shane Gibson’s contract, which Vickie G. Gave her.

(I’ve stepped out from NA and into a Hee Haw episode)

Denhart now dissects the Gibson contract. According to her, even after he was signed up to do piece work, his family still got health insurance. No matter what people think, why aren’t people like the clerk and council members not seeing these documents? This seems to be her point amid the performance art, which started well, and now is slowing. “This is wrong,” she says. She has sprayed fire at England, Gibson, and Gahan, and says the word “hell” a lot. Scott Blair says that he is offended by her language, but Denhart is mad, and there is no excuse, and almost no one would be allowed to do at the lectern what they let her do, but I suspect that is intentional. She now addresses Blair, to say that she’s going to the big people upstairs, and righteousness shall prevail.

Suellen Wilkinson: Offers her own prayer to end the meeting. Asks God to rescue us from pettiness, but I’m afraid that horse bolted some time back.

No action taken on the remaining:



G-11-18 An Ordinance Authorizing the Issuance of Sewage Works Revenue Bonds for the Purpose of Providing Funds to Pay the cost of Certain Additions, Extensions and Improvements to the Municipal Sewage Works of the City of New Albany, Consisting Of Certain Storm Water Improvement, the Collection Segregation and Distribution of the Revenues of the
Sewage Works and the Safeguarding of the Interests Of the Owners of the Sewage Works Revenue Bonds; Other Matters Connected Therewith, Including the Issuance of Notes in Anticipation of Said Bond; and Repealing Ordinances Inconsistent Herewith … Coffey 1 & 2