Nash: “Bicycle riders do belong on the road.”


It’s another excellent column by Matt Nash, one generating a reasonable discussion at the newspaper’s pop-up, roll-over littered website. I covered this ground previously …

Cars are bad enough. Walk it across, for safety’s sake.

… but Matt expands nicely on the theme, and does so forcefully. Good work. Please brave the newspaper’s impediments to Internet civility, and check it out.

NASH: We have to share the road, by Matt Nash

… I still believe the cyclist was wrong, as the one who had the ability to go the fastest and inflict the most damage, he had a responsibility to make sure he avoided the pedestrian. At the very least he should have stopped and let the walker pass by. Some have also suggested that he should have pushed his bike across the span. No matter what method he should have used, he had the burden to ensure that both parties made it across the bridge safely.