Gahan tosses England executive order into trash. Let’s hope the spring cleaning continues.


Good move on Mayor Gahan’s part. The executive order may have been 11th hour, but it was sweepingly indicative of the England administration’s chronically cavalier attitude toward transparency, a chronic absence of which is what the past four years primarily will be remembered as providing — in abundance.
(Feb 1 update: Later news reports had the order dating to July, 2011, and being discovered in January, 2012) 

Executive re-decision: Gahan rejects England’s executive order for health insurance; Former mayor among administrative workers set to receive benefits, by Daniel Suddeath (N and T)

NEW ALBANY — An executive order written by former New Albany Mayor Doug England granting the option for a retiring administrative employee to continue receiving city medical insurance was rescinded by current Mayor Jeff Gahan on Jan. 20.

Gahan confirmed Monday he wrote an executive order overturning England’s 2011 decision because he “had an issue with the process” …

… His decision wasn’t based on condemnation of the idea, but how the matter was handled, Gahan continued.

“I think it has some merit,” he said of providing the insurance option to retiring administrative employees.

“But that all needs to be handled in a larger discussion of insurance for city employees.