Community gardening update.


I’m not going to kid you. I’ve no personal aptitude for gardening, and would rather ride my bike in summer, but Michele’s efforts to enhance community gardening consciousness are much appreciated, and the idea itself is something to be rallied around even by those of us unlikely to come out of it with dirty hands. 

Hi Everyone,

It seems as though we have the attention we need to prove support for NA Community Gardens. (applause 🙂 We also have several possible sites… That leads us to the next step. We need a plan. Actually, a few!

1. Who is interested in a community garden that is totally for the people? Anyone can come pick at any time and the garden belongs to everyone! A wonderful philanthropic approach to a community garden and certainly a great way to
dissolve greed and promote sharing.

2. Who is interested in a community garden that will provide you with your own plot for a fee? This style will also have a community plot that will be tended to by all members and will be donated to a non profit of choice.

3. Who is interested in Parklettes? Parklettes are small parks that provide green space for the community. A couple of fruit trees, a bench and a path is all you really need and it is relatively inexpensive to start.

I’m going to ask everyone to introduce themselves and address these ideas to the Yahoo group. It is very time consuming for me to gather and redistribute information to each and every one. The sooner we start functioning as a whole the sooner I believe we will see results! There is a very good possibility we will be starting at least one garden this spring, more than likely two or three. Let’s keep the momentum going and make our city cleaner and our property more profitable by using the resources that are available to us!

In case you haven’t heard the farmer’s market is open every other weekend and I have started a Grateful Greens hydroponic produce pick up at Destinations Booksellers every other week. I’m putting orders in for Thursday and you can email me nagreens(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like more information.

Business Support Offered

1. Earthly Goods has offered seed donations
2. Prosser has said there are possibilities in growing seeds and making our
raised beds for a small fee.
3. Rauch Inc is interested in helping with the project & garden design.
4. Grateful Greens wants to help.
5. Keep New Albany Clean & Green, a local non profit is offering support.
6. Floyd Action Network FAN would like to support the gardens.

If there are any name that need to be added please feel free to reply with an update. I am amazed at the support that is quickly showing us the possibilities of a true community effort!

Thank you all for your interest in New Albany! Possibilities are every where!

Michele Finn
Grass Roots!
Keep New Albany Clean & Green