Billow’s got ’em, so smoke one at the new shop’s grand opening on Friday.


Echoing my life’s theme of being careful what one wishes for, the advent of Billow has complicated my life in a fashion similar to the proliferation of downtown eateries and watering holes, which is to say there are many more places for me to spread my presumed wealth.

I will continue to patronize Kaiser’s, in addition to Billow. The latter’s proximity to Quills is enticing, and yet periodically a trip over to Hobknobb for espresso is justified. Working harder to earn the cash for habit support poses certain complications in terms of time. I have little cash and no time.  

Let’s hope that come fair weather, there’ll be some outdoor smoking benches at Billow. In the meantime, the shop is celebrating on Friday:

This Friday is Billow’s grand opening, with NABC and Irish Exit lending a hand.