Masthead emptiness: The King is gone, now call it something other than Legacy Square, please.


He’ll be remembered for instituting a culture of stultified creative nepotism than ultimately did far more harm than good, and for failing to honor his campaign promise of two-way street conversions. Y’all can debate over the remainder of the Legacy Square, in a round hole.

POLITICAL NATURE: Doug England reflects on his time in office, by Daniel Suddeath (One South Alabama Newspaper)

Despite the loss, England said he’s proud of what his administration accomplished over the past four years.

England touted the commercial growth of downtown during a slow economy, the completion of construction projects such as Daisy Lane and the ability of his staff to deal with budget shortfalls without laying off public safety workers as some of the greatest achievements of his administration. Under England’s watch, the city gained a new riverfront amphitheater, a $6.7 million federal grant to address home foreclosures in the S. Ellen Jones neighborhood and the design for a downtown bicentennial park that is slated to be dubbed Legacy Square.