The sordid annals of beer snobbery, volume 431.


Ray Daniels and his Cicerone certification program get some cyber ink in Slate. In the spirit of evangelical outreach, I offer this link to the little people of New Albany: It’s never too late to change your “piss water” ways, and have yourself a real beer.

Beer Me, Sommelier … Why beer deserves the same kind of expertise as wine, by Mark Garrison (Slate)

 … Engert is a character one rarely finds in the wine landscape. One of the joys of good beer is that it’s far more accessible than the sometimes elitist and expensive wine world. Before I explored the new movement in beer service, I was a bit worried that it might be taking the beverage in the direction of wine’s worst excesses. But I don’t worry about that any longer. The people who are working on upgrading service knowledge do want beer to be as respected as fine wine and spirits are. But they are also deeply committed to preserving the affordability and unpretentiousness that set beer apart and to celebrating the breathtaking range of flavors and styles that make it special.