Penn State child rape deception: “One more lie to maintain the preposterously lucrative unreality of college athletics.”


There are times when the only thought occurring to you after reading an essay is this: Why couldn’t I have written that?

The Brutal Truth About Penn State: The problem can’t be solved by prayer or piety — and it’s far more widespread than we think, by Charles P. Pierce (Grantland).

… It no longer matters if there continues to be a football program at Penn State. It no longer even matters if there continues to be a university there at all. All of these considerations are trivial by comparison to what went on in and around the Penn State football program …

… It is not a failure of our institutions so much as it is a window into what they have become — soulless, profit-driven monsters, Darwinian predators with precious little humanity left in them. Penn State is only the most recent example. Too much of this country is too big to fail.