Nash: “What would a New Albany that is run with cooperation look like?”

Matt Nash is as omnipresent in the newspaper as those Alabama pensioner-endorsed OSIN pop-up ads.
READER JEERS … to the News and Tribune for printing Matt Nash’s nothing column basically saying he had nothing to write about.

If one commits to writing a column, they should certainly be able to find something to write about. Since he doesn’t have Steve Price to kick around anymore, due to the paper’s hatchet job, he doesn’t have anything to write about.

The frequent jeer contributor Granny Larner obviously is upset that with his council seat gone with the wind, Li’l Stevie now actually must go back to work. Too bad there are no available positions in the private sector that pay 12k yearly to repeat the word “no,” although Price might consider applying for a job at a bank’s loan department.

Meanwhile, Matt remains an undeterred optimist.

NASH: The future seems brighter in New Albany

NEW ALBANY — The votes have all been counted and the winners have all been declared — pending a challenge from Floyd County Republicans. Hopefully, all of the signs have been packed away and will not return until late next spring.

The election is over and we finally know who the new mayor of New Albany will be. We also know who he will need to work with on the city council when the new year begins. Now it is time to start planning for the future of our city.

Beginning Jan. 1, mayor-elect Jeff Gahan had better be prepared to hit the ground running, because the residents of New Albany have a track record of turning on our leaders pretty quickly. The president of the United States usually has an unofficial deadline of 100 days to make his mark on the American people; the mayor of New Albany usually gets called out by the time of the first snow storm.