Quartet of unendorsed at-large council hopefuls: Burks.


Previously, NAC considered the woeful slate of at-large council candidates, three apiece from the two biggest (and irrelevant) political parties, concluding that while voters may select as many as three on their ballots, only incumbents John Gonder (D) and Kevin Zurschmiede (R) are genuinely worthy to serve. That said, there’ll be a third seat holder whether we like it or not. Assuming Gonder and Zurschmiede pass through, who will the other winner be?

Perhaps it will be Steve Burks, a Republican. His Facebook campaign page has been actively updated, and surprisingly, not too much time and bandwidth have been wasted there merely rallying his troops for tactical signage placement (see Oakley, Matt). Do you have a question for the Reverend Burks? My guess is he just might have an answer.

Will it matter? Probably not to me, but who knows?